For those looking to suck Tony Martin's wase in your hometown of USconA/Canada, too bad. The tour is cancelled due to 'irreconcilable differences'.

Oh yeah, Geoff Nicholls would have been there to provide the moist towels.

Just by the look of the poster, this tour would've been SICKKKKKK.

From the words of Mr. Martin:

" Get ya tickets refunded, regroup, and live to rock again!"

This is all really just dry humor to me. Except for the pencil drawing above. Good god... just click here to make your mind melt.

The site also has some reallyyyyy boring portraits of Tony Iommi. Seriously, Tony Iommi is so boring that he's like the devil or something.

I dunno, below is a Tony Iommi tutorial. Wait till halfway where he starts to play his licks all slow. Your skin will fall off.

So evil.


Anonymous said...

black sabbath suxx

Anonymous said...

black sabbath is fucking great. and ITs TONY iOMMI, you know, with an eye.

Melissa said...

fuck. oops. crap. shit. thanks.

Anonymous said...

Very nicely done...