Note to the prick at the Drunk Driver / Total Abuse show:

Go fuck yourself. No, wait. I take that back. I'm sorry -- that's mean.

But seriously, go fuck yourself.

Needless to say, I looked out of place at the DD / TA show. I wore a summer dress, non-black. And it was raining, so I had an animal / philly zoo umbrella with me. Not by choice as it was the only one at my disposal. But whatever, I'm wasn't trying to get rained on.

So people were making fun of me I guess because I didn't look like I fit in. Which is ok, I make fun of people all the time. I accept.

However, if you're just down right rude to me if I ask you a simple question - that's so stupid.

Get over yourself and your cool non-american apparel black shirt and jeans. Embrace individualism you fucktard.

...And then I went to a reggae show and did not smoke the chronic. I am sooo counter-culture.

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