Crocodiles / Christin Turner

Here's some advice for you youths:

!) Be positive.
2) Wake up early.
3) Collect talented friends.

Not that one and two are rules I personally abide by. But three -- pshhh the most / best of all. Now, don't go around being a friend-whore. Just, you know... be cool about it.

I've been thinking for the past several years of buying land in fuck-knows-where, calling on all friends and moving there to create most amazing shit. I think I would call it ... a 'caw-m-you-nh'.

The point of this being, my friend Christin Turner has been working closely with the Crocodiles in producing / directing music videos for several songs recently released.

Fader Magazine recently gave a puzzling positive review saying some hilarious shit about the video.

...looks like Crocodiles wrangled up a neighborhood kid with a shitty video camera, had him turn on one of the in-camera effects and then let him go nuts. Seriously, this video can’t have cost more than 20 dollars, which somehow makes it even cooler.
... it cost $50.


DJ Rick said...

Wow...Looks like Fader wrangled up a slack-jawed, shitty-attitude-inflicting YouTube comments section troll to toss off some completely unconstructive criticism that surely must be worthy of printing in its glossy full-color pages paid for by corporate advertisers. How journalism has eroded!

Melissa said...