Dum Dum Girls / Raquel Medina-Cleghorn

With Dum Dum Girls signing to Sub Pop and their recent performance at the Woodsist / Captured Tracks fest over July 4th weekend, much has been discussed over the internet (and beeyyyyyyondddd).

1. DDG's signing to Sub Pop after only a 7" and 12" released.
2. Only 2 performance to date ... um, Woodsist / Captured Tracks Fest & what Mario said!
3. Dee Dee's backing band is like an indie super group (Mike>Blank Dogs; Brandon>Crocodiles; Frankie Rose>Crystal Stilts / and I'll include Vivian Girls too just to drop the name)
4. The tunes rule my domeeeeeeeeeeee.

But there is one topic I'd like to personally mention in addition to the positive reviews circulating about the live performance: Dee Dee's dress.

Dude, fringe?! Not just a lil, but a lot ... and in length! A widow's veil born from the cusp of her arms and falling to her knees. I'm all about this.

I mean, not only was I hypnotized by Dee Dee's goose-bump-giving vocals but also by this visually dominant dress. Only when Dee Dee brushed the fringe over my face did I receive the full effect.

Designed by Raquel Medina-Cleghorn, the dress was named best of show by Nylon Magazine. And, believe me it was!

Raquel said she's been obsessed with fringe for awhile. Makes her happy when she's feeling sad sort of thing. Not only has her work been the showcase for her friends such as Dee Dee -- but also herself.

At this year's Coachella she was the subject of a lot attention from Vogue's Style.com wherein they profiled the top-10 outfits from the music festival. Yes, that picture to the left is her in said outfit. Not only was she the focus and inspiration for many national news sources but also the bible for street-fashion blog, The Sartorialist.

So, props to Raquel -- and may her talents grant her wealth and success. Seriously though, she just moved to NYC and the girl needs a job... Anyone?

You can read more about Raquel's work and inspiration at her blog, Wrecked And Grey.


Mario Orduno said...

Hey!! That wasn't DDG's first show. DDG played in Oakland and San Francisco Nov 20 & 21st. Crocs were the players behind Dee Dee. Sorry to be a know-it-all. This was dumb of me to write.

Melissa said...

hahaha, thanks Mario!