The Crocodiles w/ John Norris

the crocodiles w/ john norris

Since its debut in June, Noisemakers on Noisevox has featured extensive sit-down interviews with some *popular* names in music: Animal Collective, The Pains of Being Pure at Heart, The Thermals, and Moby.

In the latest installment of the online music interview series, my buds of the Crocodiles gave an insider interview with mother fucking JOHN NORRIS and an exclusive 4-song set performance at Pianos in NYC.

Straight from the weirdly attractive lips of mother fucking JOHN NORRIS: "Crocodiles has one of the best songs of 2009 -- "I want to Kill" is exciting, hypnotic and pulsating." But the man did his homework, mentioning Brandon and Chuck's previous history of bands and affiliations... even spoke about Mario's label, ART FAG.

Oh, mother fucking JOHN NORRIS...

You can find the mother fucking JOHN NORRIS (he's like 80 now, right???) interview along with videos of the live performances here.

Just to note -- I really respect The Crocodiles' attitudes on their increasing popularity and media attention. The Crocodiles consistently talk about their music the way a musician should talk about their music: always grateful, doing what they love, knowledgeable and just having fun. It really shouldn't be anything other than that. Just simply have an objective and do it.

Brandon and Chuck have told me about times where they've been boo'd by neigh-sayers. And you know what? They're pleased with that response and definitely not afraid of confrontation, actually makes them smile to think they affect people that much.

Hence, I'm wholly pleased their album is titled "Summer of Hate"; it really balances out their super posi attitudes. Really gives me that nice, complete feeling. Now let me find a mirror and stare deep into the abyss of my soullllllll.

the crocodiles w/ john norris

Oh and if you want to watch and HEAR Chuck slurp on his ice tea drink, watch this excerpt. I kept on rewinding it over and over and over. Hahaha! Chuck you're too cute!

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