I was listening to WMFU last night on my drive through the glorious garden hills of Jersey as WFMU was broadcasting live coverage of the sold-out All Tomorrow's Parties out of glorious Monticello, NY. And this fucking death barrel noise was streaming out of my mom's Volvo speakers. Now I'm not much of a metal head but I was all, "shit -- this rules". Fuck I really despise any sort of genre labeling as if you could tell what color my panties were just by looking at my itunes. That didn't make any sense, who cares. Anywase, Om totally ripped my ass (I've been saying ruled too much, so I think ripped will work). Their sounds are so thick and slow, like pushing molasses out of a double barrel shot gun. Never having heard them before, they made for an excellent drive as I gazed up into the night sky and ignored the yellow lines of Rt. 78. May I just say that bass / drum duos are a marriage made in heaven made for sinners. Speaking of marriage, please listen to "Unitive Knowledge of the Godhead" and play the video above with the volume off at the same time. This is what my honeymoon will be like. (Godddddd, you will be such a luckyass man because I'm going to be such a goodass wifey.)

Om - Unitive Knowledge Of The Godhead

Om / myspace
Listen to WMFU
All Tomorrow's Parties Festival

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