Heute out, morgen in.

'Out' today, 'in' tomorrow... Lately I've been loving music that I persistently have avoided for years and ears. Mainly because I'm dumb and my parents wanted me to listen to it. And I don't ever listen to my parents unless they are giving me something that starts with an m and rhymes with honey. Over the years, yes I've made grandiose mistakes by means of this practice. But you know what?! I am my own stubborn ass lady and I don't care if I came out of your v__ or not // GIMME MY LUNCH MONEY -- NOWWWWWW!

So check it, my mom really likes Roy Orbison. And Roy Orbison rules. However, Youtube doesn't like sharing hisI Drove All Night video that I want to share. So either you watch it or I'll provide you with a literary play by play:

That guy from 90210 is all, "I'mma drive all night to see you beesh". So he hops in his old-ass car from like the 50s or something. And then he consistently has a boner as his woman is breathing in his ear all ghost-like. When they finally meet he swapped his old-ass car for a sweet-ass harley. And she's all, "I'mma lay on it all sexy so it will make your boner bigger". And then they make out all hot like for the last sexty seconds of the video. So much that if I had a p-unit, I would have to seek the advise of a doctor because it is unnatural to have such manliness going on. The End.

Double check, Celine Dion sucks. She did the same song as Roy and it blows. I was once interviewed by the Point Reyes National Seashore Park's public radio station and the majority of the time was spent dissing her with the DJ (true story). Here is her version of I Drove All Night video and here is my play by play:

Celine Dion is ugly.



ha ha ha ha ha


noconstructs said...

It's too bad videos like this don't exist anymore...or too good? Also, is he getting it on with a ghost?

Joey Gouda said...

I'd get it on with a ghost.

beach resort said...

you keep your blog interesting