My dearest friend, Mexican David set me up with the Los Saicos compilation (Mi aerodeslizador está lleno de anguilas). Los Saicos were a legendary / influential garage-punk outfit out of Peru who influenced your favorite band's favorite bands. Los Saicos developed independently of any outside influences years ahead of their time -- for fuck's sake, 1964 in PERU. Despite their success, they disbanded at the height of their popularity and never produced a proper lp, only singles. To read more go here. ughhhhh, I gotta go -- my mom is yelling at me.

"For many young people in our generation, who decided to grow up with rock'n'roll by the mid and late 80s, the music of Los Saicos was known through some Subterranean (punk) bands who made covers of their anthem "Demolición" and turned it into an affirmation of Anarchy and Revolution. And, on some more restricted level, through copies of copies of some original tape, which we listened to surrounded by friends in secret ceremonies which gave us back the original music of this band and opened our eyes to the Mistery: THIS was the wildest, darkest and unbeatable of all ..." - Beat Column from Sotano Beat fanzine

Rapishare comp download here
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