I'm so excited for tonight

As I write this I am 63 miles away from tonight's show. This entire weekend I've been moving my shit out of the city and into my new lovely home, built in 1890 by a wealthy steel worker for his 2nd daughter Claire. Supposedly her ashes were discarded in the fireplace. Creepy/awesome, right? But I just want to emphasize how STOKED I am for tonight's show. I don't really know how to discuss the excitement churning within my mental status without getting a little too personal on the subject. Whatever, peep this lineup: Blank Dogs, Eat Skull, Psychedelic Horseshit, Little Claw, Intelligence. Not only do these bands all rule my ass, I'm very much so looking forward to putting a face to a name. I promised Blank Dogs a brewdog over a month ago and have yet to deliver. In addition, Lars left a voicemail on my phone thanks to Craig. It was really awkward but cool at the same time. KEWL. LIFE RULES. KEWL. I'm so posi right now. You can expect a deep crash of self loathing in 5 days. Mark your calendars.

Tonight's show is at DCTV (The Tank)
Blank Dogs / check out his blog for discography
Psychedelic Horseshit
Eat Skull
Little Claw


Dimitri said...

Just take some more photographs of yourself and everything will be fine.

Melissa said...

So true, so true.

beach resort said...

good happy to read it.