Everyday I realize more and more that I don't know shit

And I think it rules. I don't know much about music. What I do know has been streamed to me via my last.fm app, wherein I'm reading band bios and ignoring my g-document to do list. But, whatever I get so excited about music and the people behind said music. Even more so, I find myself molding some sort of future as I want it -- giving a grand ol' fuck you to what I thought my life would be like at 25 (I seriously wrote down at age 11 that I wanted to be married with kids, dog, geo physics career, home on the beach and making bank in the bank). So here I am, 25 and about to quit my job and move in with my parents. Quite possibly the worst decision to make; all in the hopes of saving money to step in advance towards moremoremore music collecting / reviewing / touring / making / writing. And I couldn't have had such a lovely outlook without those whom I sincerely look up to: Theo, David, Chris, Craig, Dimitri, Lauden and ..... my parents for letting my broke(n) ass hang out for the next couple of months. By hang out I mean my dad is hiring me as a welder / laborer / painter / floor sweeper / phone answerer and my mom will tolerate my a(mazingne)ss.

As for any sort of redeeming music content go to Terminal Boredom
And holy shit, this band kicks my ass so hard! Faceless Man // Creed + the Shaggs, a combo in heaaaaaaaaaaaaven! And read the terminal bordom thread to really understand the depths that is Faceless Man.

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