YOUR ART sucks ...

Charles Burns exhibit / Adam Baumgold Gallery NYC, Sept 5 - Oct 12

... But Charles Burns' doesn't suck. My love for him grows stronger and stronger every day. So much that I'm going to get the above tattooed all hella big extending from the top of my neck down to the crevasse of my asshole. Also, supposedly he will be collaborating with Faesthetic on a threadless tshirt design (???). I've steered clear of threadless for this long - if true, I'll be jumping on that shit like flies on shit.

Adam Baumgold Gallery presents an exhibition of drawings by Charles Burns from September 5 through October 12, 2008. This will be Charles Burns' first New York solo exhibition and will include fifty seminal drawings executed in the last 25 years that showcases Burns' masterful pen and ink drawings for his award winning comic books and other publications.

Featured in the exhibition will be covers and drawings for the serialized version of Charles Burns' epic graphic novel "Black Hole," that received the Harvey Award, as well as the drawings for the covers and pages of "Skin Deep," "Big Baby," and "El Borbah," and a rare RAW era "Dog Boy" strip. The exhibition will also have drawings and covers for The New Yorker, Esquire and numerous other magazines that include drawings of cult figures William S. Burroughs and Robert Crumb. Also included will be the cover of "Permagel" the new large scale book of Burns' art published by French publisher United Dead Artists.

Drawn in stark black and white with a distinctive line, Burns' comics range in ambiance from kitschy pop culture nostalgia to bleak horror. Themes of adolescence and sexual awakening mingle with recurrent imagery of mutation, plague, alienation and violence. Drawings from his epic graphic novel "Black Hole" examine a nightmarish world in graphic detail, tempering horror with exquisite beauty. Overlapping metaphors for AIDS and social breakdown with realistic storytelling about the "normal" disturbances of teenage life, Burns blurs, or even reverses the line between normal and aberrant. [Read More]


noconstructs said...

He rules. Black Hole kicked my ass, and I still have to catch up beyond Big Baby and Skin Deep. You are lucky in NY.

Melissa said...

He does rules. Black Hole kicked my ass too, and I also have to catch up. And lucky ... well maybe.

Melissa said...

'he does rules'

Goetzilla said...

he does rule indeed!
did you get that tatoo done?