Gonerfest 5 // Awesome

GONERFEST FIVE, September 25-28, Memphis, TN, USA

Does anyone else think 'Golden Pass' is a histerical name? Sounds religiously perverted / accepted. Well for 50 bucks you get a wrist band that will let you in to all of the shows (morning, afternoon and night). 5 days of drinking and sweating and that band is going to be fuckkkkking gross. I wish I could go to this. I wish I could buy everything released by every band below. But I just spend all my money on lunch.

Sic Alps
Crusaders Of Love
Dan Melchior
Oh Sees
Jeff Evans & His Southern Aces
Cheap Time
Ooga Boogas
Vivian Girls
Black Time
Cola Freaks
Pierced Arrows (awesome)
Static Static
Box Elders
John Paul Keith
King Louie One Man Band
Touch-Me-Nots (and Andy attacking Barbecue Sandwiches for Inhuman Eating Machine!)
Eric & The Happy Thoughts
Twinkle VanWinkle
Dead Trends
AV Murder
Eat Skull
Psychedelic Horseshit
Earthmen & Strangers
Wizzard Sleeve
Turpentine Brothers
Jay Reatard
Sector Zero

MC'd by Ross Johnson
Photo Exhibit by Geoff Ellis



Dave said...

i wanna see the barbaras!!

Melissa said...

"Building nuances dug up from Pet Sounds, running them through a paper shredder, and then sprinkling them with a cocktail of a freshly invented designer drug and a pinch of baby laxative, the Barbaras seemed to have nailed the formula that many of their cronies swung at, but missed. They write the sort of songs that are as delirious and catchy as they are sweet and jaded." http://www.victimoftime.com/articles/breaking-sounds-barbaras-isummertime-roadi/

Why can't people write that about me?!