What is GOOD?

AIDS not funny... but this is funny

NME? Brooklyn? The Smell? MTV? Your fav dj's fav records? The Wire? VH1 top hits of the nineties? I'm soooooo confused!!!

So what makes a good band versus a shitty one? Welp, who cares? For the first time, I feel myself straying from this is the good shit, and this is the bad shit. For the first time I feel like I'm starting to see more and hear more when I just let that internal gauge go numb. Perhaps all of my constant retributions of ennui have propelled me to take things less seriously. 'Cause now I'm HELLA stoked about music and people who make the stuff screaming out of my speakers. Just letting go and saying hella and stoked in the same sentence make me feels better. But that isn't quite suppressing my appetite for it all. I'm feeling like I want to take the driver's seat and steer straight for the horizon as if I'm in some beat generation novel. Go crazy taking everything in and record it as I go down. If anyone wants to join me on this ride, lesssgo!

I guess the point of this post is to introduce these guyz called AIDS wolf... So if this world of mine was perfect, and I'd be REALLYREALZ able to choose who my friends are without being the weirdo that I often feel like... also skipping all the 'who's and how's and where'rs and when's and get right down and real. I'd choose themz. The link is a post on their blog following a discussion between their band and a lil' band called PRE. I'd say its worth reading just cause of their casual take on describing day2day activities and the relationship they've built overseas. All in all, I'm crazy over these people right now. They seem to have a good thing going for them. Fun and real. I'd be family with them any day. The only thing bad about them is that they are from Quebec, ew. But to balance that out - they like to chill naked and their girl has nice tits. So jealous. Well in some pictures they look good. In others, I'm confused. Not about her boobs, but how hairy one guy's bush is. Oh ... lord.

Wiki: AIDS Wolf is a Canadian noise rock band, who debuted on Pasalymany tapes but are currently on Skin Graft Records and Lovepump United. Quoting Captain Beefheart, they describe their sound as that of "a squid eating dough in a polyethylene bag". The band has had several different guitarists...

I guess they got their name from the myth that wolves give your pets aids and people get aids from their pets ... RIIIGGGHT. It has nothing to do with spontaneous hot sex in the back of your store's storage closet with the mall janitor. Sureeeee.

Their place on myspace.

A song for your listening pleasures:
AIDS Wolf - We Multiply

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