john connor

I'm pretty bad with movies in general. I don't watch them. I do, but I don't.

I never saw a Terminator movie... Successfully avoided for 26 years.

This past weekend I saw T4. It blew some brain cells. Then the following day I watched T2. Blew some more brain cells.

I was left with two continual thoughts: (1)Who came first, John Connor or Kyle Reese? Ultimate chicken or the egg paradox. I mean they had to send Kyle Reese back to the past for some epic reason... or maybe it was the gamble of arranged union of future and past. Fucking John Connor is insane; (2) John Connor's hair in T2 is hella awesome.

But seriously, John Connor's hair is awesome. Cut straight from the upper ear towards his nostril and always fucking awesome in the way that you want either wind or fingers combing through it.

I'll just leave you with this image.

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