Joan of Arc Hair, Forever

My inspiration... Sexy, glorious, stubborn hair.

It's all I can think about really. I work in the morning as a makeup artist then go to cosmetology school at night. I'm pretty sure I dream about it 5/7 nights a week.

But it's the true art and sculpture of it that boggles me. Take a foundation and make it into a form. Then let it grow. It's beautiful AND amazing.

I guuuuuuess this principle can translate into topiary. But plants don't walk or sex. 

... And my main hair-love: Joan of Arc.

Anthony Mascolo, creative head at Tigi, recently created an exclusive collection for Behind the Chair. (The printed version is much better.) His collection presents undercutting with some trend disconnection and soft block graduation.

To me any form of undercut will always resemble that of OG Joan. But Anthony Mascolo got it goooooood.

Soft natural textures w/ grace of disconnection!

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