Turned down by 5, hired by 1. It's true. I got a job. A lovely PR duo located here in San Diego hired me to conduct an introduction of sorts to start up an online PR distribution. Mainly dealing with fashion, Stinson/Ely and Partners are highly successful at their trade as their only other competition within their market is located in New York City. Impressive, true. But this man and woman team is a complete story-book business romance. Their rise to the top is ... unreal. I want to make a movie about them. Enough said...use your imaginations.



Speaking of fashion, get a load of The Sartorialist - Style.com's . With Perez Hilton sucking lately, I'm turning my duldrous attention to style.com's fashion blogs. And they seem to do the job:

The Sartorialist -
On The Runway
Confessions of a Casting Director (hot naked faces on polaroid is so undeniably sexxxxxy!)
Style Bubble
Delinlee Delovely
Model Behavior



I want to buy a pant suit and wear it everyday of the week. With a briefcase. Photos taken from The Sartorialist.

Also, I would like to wear a wrath of grape stained lip as shown below. Who is that girl?

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