A long time ago, in a far off land, I had a sense of purpose. No, wait. Let me rephrase that: 6 months ago, in NYC, I was employed.

[True Story.]

I was a graphic designer for an elite educational cruise company wherein I'd stay late catching up on work. Thus, the IX-V lifestyle began. I was fascinated by my having of said job and becoming this working-woman sort. Wearing pant suits, sweating over rush hour, health benefits, 401que.

In order to get back at them for turning me into a weekend warrior, I began abusing my employee xeroxing privileges. Which inevitably led to "IX-V: For ___": a celebrated zine sent as gifts to transcontinental loved ones on behalf of my office induced back pain and eye-strain.

for Carl4

And today it looks like this project is coming to fruition with the help of publication mogul, design magician and dear deer friend, Mike Ley. Under wraps of MLPROJECT.com, this baby is printed in nice as shit paper. Colored paper.

In spirited coordination with this year's SXSW, an unofficial official CD-R comp will be included with the Zine's production. All in all, the comp is great. Superb. Fucking blowing your mind.

A limited-ass-fuck printed edition of 20**. Count it. T-W-E-N-T-Y. For $10 bucks, you'll receive a very nice book of artistic anti-work images, along with exclusive tracks from my personal favorite bands.

The IX-V mix is quoted as, "great to work to". That to me is a compliment... I bring you the rough cut of the track listing: [any errors, MIA CULPA]

cd-r comp for sxsw

Bands in order of track listing. [* denotes unreleased track]: Mayyors, Old Blood, Ale Mania*, The Fresh & Onlys*, O Voids, Sore Eros*, Ganglians, His Electro Blue Voice, Ratas del Vaticano, Jacuzzi Boys, Spirit Photography, Daily Void, Intelligence*, Factums, Idle Times*, Beaters*, Pink Noise, Crocodiles*, Dum Dum Girls, TV Ghost, Blank Dogs*, The Black Bug*, Christmas Island, The Sess


**Just to note, we'll have an official release for this zine after SXSW. With plenty copies for you to buy and stock up on for their inherent collateral value.

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