Standing under five feet tall, she was the italian blue-eyed answer to Dinah Washington with several RnB hits throughout the 60s. So basically, I want to sing like Timi Yuro. But I can't. And it pains me deeply. The second best thing to being able to do the real thing is karaoke. Which I have to admit I'm really good at. And not because I have any talent. It is because I only sing Aerosmith songs. You can't even begin to fuck up Steven Tyler. It is like that game genie extension for nintendo. But secretly..... I wish I was one of those karaoke-assholes belting out a Timi Yuro song. Expressing myself for my audience as they toss back beers and tears of intimacy. But I just won't touch the shit. Timi is sacred karaoke ground. So it's Aerosmith all the way.

Tragically, Timi died of throat cancer in 2004. Hella sucks. To think that's your shit, what you dooooo. And then BAM, the 'it' kills you. Along the way, she became super close buds with Willie Nelson. Elvis Presley was a huge fan of hers while making megaloads with his cover of her first hit single, "Hurt". Morrisey declared her his favorite singer in memorandum on the day of her death. Also made that sexy "Interlude" cover with Siouxsie. (See below)

A touching testimony to Willie Nelson.

A touching testimony about the hate she holds for her '62 recording, "The Right Time"

Rare/unreleased recordings from the Timi Yuro official website

But I do

First hurt

That's right, walk on by (alternate)

Insult to injury (alternate)

Nothing takes the place of you (longer version with extra verse)

You can't get away from me (duet with Johnny Ray)

I Apologize (Live From PJ's - unreleased)

I belong to you

A special love song (pretty much a song about essing the dee)

Talkin' 'bout hurt (originally scheduled as 'B' of 'Insult to Injury', replaced by 'Just about the time' / Mar '63)

Until you were gone

Why am I treated so bad (unreleased)

You never really loved me

You're gonna smile



What's the matter Baby

Let me call you sweetheart


Justin said...

When you flail on the floor and scream into the mic, I can't help but grab standing fans and make them blow your hair back.

You ARE Mr. Tyler.

Melissa said...

Thanks Justin. I appreciate you. Oh, and one more thing -- you totally won the sing-off challenge.

Anonymous said...

This is a real goldmine. Thanks. W.