I don't know what's wrong with me, but I have a cutting habit. And it's really bad. Usually when I'm stressed 'n shit, I take a pair of nice... sharp... silver... scissors and cut the shit out of my hair. Tis been going on for 6 years now. Last night after looking at perez hilton till my eyes bleed, I decided that I wanted my hair to look like Riri. All in all, I now look like a christian soccer mom with a fat ass... instead of a fly sassy puta with a phat ass.

So now, I'm going to listen to Oi Polloi all day. Whenever I feel weak on the inside, this usually makes me feel strong. That or Henryk Gorecki. Fucking beautiful shit, 'yo.

Oi Polloi / Unite and Win

UK reissue of the political punk act's 1987 album. Includes 8 bonus tracks 'Minority Authority', 'Skinhead', 'Boot Down The Door', 'Americans Out', 'Thugs In Uniform', 'Pigs For Slaughter', 'Rich Scumbag', & 'Never Give In'.

01. Punx 'n skins
02. We don't need them
03. Kill the bill
04. Lowest of the low
05. Nuclear waste
06. Commies and nazis
07. Pigs for slaughter
08. Scum
09. Thrown on the scrapheap
10. Punx picnic in princes street gardens
11. Mindless few
12. Unite and win
13. Minority authority
14. Skinhead
15. Boot down the door
16. American's out
17. Thugs in uniform **I tried posting this track from last.fm. It works, but the size is effed.
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18. Pigs for slaughter
19. Rich scumbag
20. Never give in





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Justin Elliott said...

i opened this blog to save the album image, but i wanted to post this to thank you for loving oi polloi. many pass them over for one reason or another, ive always found solace in their words and music(so much so that ive got three oi polloi tats). but thank you, i hope they help you as well as theyve done for me.