Since when did Bijou Phillips stop being 17? This is how I like to remember her. Not this.

I renamed my hot tub “Cougar Lagoon.” That’s been an argument with me and my friends cause they’re like, ‘You’re not a cougar at 30.’ And I’m like “Yeah, you’re a cougar at 30!’ And I’ve also decided that because I’m 28 and I’m not a cougar yet, I’m a pre-cougar, I’m a bobcat. I’m a bobcat now, and I’ll be a cougar in two years... At 20 I think you’re like a kitten. And then in your mid-20s, you’re like a shelter cat, or street cat. That’s what it is. It’s kitten, shelter cat, bobcat, then cougar. And then in your 40s, you’re a lioness. And then in your 80s, what are you? You’re like a jaguar. No? Not good? Okay, you’re a lioness until the day you die. - Bijou Phillips (read more here)

I want a cougar lagoon for christmas

Oh and... does anyone else think the momas and the papas are fucking weeeeeeeirrrrrd? But they take really great band photos.

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