Almost 8 in the morning on Saturday, December 20th and I'm wide awake. I had one of those moments at 630am where I had to pee out all my rumandcokes really bad, but then couldn't go back to sleep. Cool. So what do I do? I look at pictures of celebrities!!!

Yesterday I starstalked Suri (kate/tom cruise's baby), this morning it's Taryn Manning - the whore from Hustle and Flow. Taryn Manning has this tattoo of a horse on her forearm that is equally wtf and intriguingly wtf. But.........I like it/her. That's just the inner workings of the mystery of life - you should hate it, but you don't. Just like this Butch Walker music video, in which Taryn Manning stars:

Terrible, right? But god, I love it. Cute how she gets him flowers at the end. Woof. Butch Walker's remarks on making the video, "I have never shot so much conceptual shit in my life." Ha hahahahahah aaaaaaaaaaaa hahahahah. Even funnier, Butch and Taryn are doing a duet, "Christmas all over again".

Butch Walker produces a lot of the shit on the radio that is just terrible. Pete Yorn, Pink, Avril Lavigne, Hot Hot Heat, Katy Perry, SR-71, All American Rejects, Simple Plan, among others. I don't get it. I mean, I'm wondering if he wakes up in the morning and thinks -- I'm going to produce a really great album and then makes something like Pink's recent album, Funhouse. In the interview below he's asked how her album is coming along, "Oh, the new pink album is gre........ Uh, it's been great working with her."

This post is officially makes me want to throw up. Diabolical. I just watched some Taryn Manning videos. I'm sorry, not Taryn Manning -- her stage name is, "Boomkat".


My head hurts. Here's Britney Spears stoned.


Anonymous said...

oh my god! i may be the only person to view your blog. thanks for saying such accurate and informative things about me though! i hope when you walk outside a bird shits right on your head.


noconstructs said...

That's what you get for putting the "ogling yourself" in "googling yourself." You can't blame people for recognizing the contrived, sub-mediocrity of some of the music in the world.

p.s. Tom Petty wants his hook back.

Melissa said...

crapppppppppppppppp. sorry butch, but i don't like your music. I'M SORRRRRRRRRY. A bird poo'd on my aunt's leg last week. And right after that happened, my nephew threw up on her.


Anonymous said...

butch was a sweet performer in marvelous 3 before he got signed with them. dank sheet!