San Diego sound

Seriously, San Diego is so weird to me. I grew up in Pennsylvania where we swim in polluted rivers and shoot groundhogs for fun. In San Diego the kids grow up smoking meth and surfing epic waves bra. I always have had the notion that Californians are cooler than the rest of the world. Not always the case, but I would put my money on it. Right now, that city needs to be examined. San Diego contains a couple of my favorite bands and it's not just because of my 'special relations' with 'certain unmentionables'. I am taking this opportunity to collect my thoughts on the manner and highlight some of the happenings that is San Diego. The thought just dawned on me as I could turn this into a Brian Eno moment... No New York, Yes LA, Maybe Chicago ... what about I dunno San Diego?! Ughhh - to be continued


Dave said...

you are so funny!!!

Dave said...

travis is so sexy