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Whoa - gold mine.

While digging for credentials on the heated Snapper video debate (flying nun vs. Chicano rap) I stumbled on the Radio New Zealand complete podcast on the (down-right magical) Flying Nun label. It will rule your ass. Flying Nun contained the majority of the Dudein Sound - this most pleasurable amazing music from a 'lil region from 'lil New Zealand during the 'lil 80s. Just a bunch of enthusiastic, strong-minded kids with an uncomprimising love of exploring melodies and trembly guitar reverb. But this traditional FN sound is only half of it. With newer technology came experimentation on sound and sampling. However with limited funds FN struggled the classic indie struggle. Rightly so, Flying Nun has my respect and attention as they've released an incredible compass of idiosyncratic sound. I mean, okok, there is also that good 'ol justified fasination that New Zealand is that island that people often mistake for Australia.

"You have to appreciate the pre-globalisation technological environment that existed back then (at least for us). A record released in the UK may have taken up to two years before a copy of the master was shipped out here and the pressing plant in Wellington produced the record. Case in point, Ian Curtis was dead and buried before any JD records were released here. They were awaited with great anticipation because people had read about the band in NME or whatever, but the actual records took an age to filter through." -- Graeme Downes

So listen up to this podcast. There 6 parts, each around 50 mintutes long. So I guess listen as you take a walk, drive in your car(?), surf the web bro, make some sweet love to your ho... I dunno. Also my super best bro bud for internet life friend, Mario wrote a post on the Verlaines that you should read - do the right thing and watch their bunny video.

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Flying Nun Records Part One (duration: 51′33″)
As the nineteen seventies gave way to the eighties, NZ society underwent a sea change. In the post-punk/springbok tour era, it took a bright idea, $50, and a lot of good will to start Flying Nun Records...

Flying Nun Records Part Two (duration: 50′15″)
...Flying Nun runs pretty much as a co-operative, with the bands who have sales success leaving money in the company to fund other recordings. As more bands are taken on by Flying Nun, the possibilities - and necessities - of financial survival become more apparent. Mortality bites. Bands from a wider geographical area are taken on, and the sound continues to diversify...

Flying Nun Records Part Three (duration: 50′13″)
...Flying Nun moves from independent ownership to major-label association, and the first artist contracts are signed!...

Flying Nun Records Part Four (duration: 51′04″)
As Flying Nun's cult reputation spreads internationally, more bands tour and record in the Northern hemisphere. Founder Roger Shepherd moves to London to lead the charge… in the hope that a Flying Nun band will have a hit.

Flying Nun Records Part Five (duration: 51′05″)
...Flying Nun founder Roger Shepherd leaves the company. It's a time of rebuilding, many of the long-time acts have called it a day, and popular music and the music business have changed almost beyond recognition. Association with an ever-expanding international music company impacts on Flying Nun, but as the label celebrates it's 21st year, international success again looks possible for some Flying Nun acts.

Flying Nun Records - The Pub Quiz (duration: 43′16″)
In May 2004 A gaggle of celebrities, music hacks and train spotters gathered in front of a live and lubricated audience to test their knowledge in the specialist topic: artists and songs associated with New Zealand's premier independent record label, Flying Nun.

With over twenty-two years worth of questions, you can beat the buzzer at home if you know the name of the Straitjacket Fits second album, which band that celebrity keyboard player really belongs to, or the title of the first ever Flying Nun DVD. A New Zealand Music Month event exclusive to National Radio.


If you need more visual stimulation - watch the Heavenly Pop Hits Documentary on youtube - all 8 parts. Podcasts do rule.... But c'mon - Chris Knox looks so scary at 4:28!!!! Watch below


If you want to read (god bless you) - check out this article by Stylus Magazine. It's a pretty indepth look into Flying Nun, from beginning to ____.


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