Dear friends, this is seriously blowing my mind right now... I was searching for some lovemakn' music (whatever) and stumbled upon this youtube account, reyesm13. So to get on my wavelength, read these three very important reasons why this is ruling my ass right now.

NUMBER UNO, he has one serious collection of rare and classic soul / rnb, or as he puts it, 'cruisin oldies'. I'm not sure if this is a cd collection that he ripped off or compiled the songs himself. But you'll find all sorts of oldies pero goodies that you'll want play as you make love with your sweet honey pumpkin pie ass.

NUMBER DOS, all the videos are backed with images of LOWRIDER ART! Holy mary mother of gawd thy womb Jesus this makes for an amazing music/art collaboration. Pencil drawings typically consisting of chicas, vatos and cars with the occasional gun/rose for good taste, Lowrider art rules. Pure magic. So just .... well, I'm speechless.

NUMBER TRES, this dude's avatar is the fucking RAIDER'S logo. Shit keeps on getting better.


T PAIN said...

You need to see my collection of "East Side Stories" zines. East LA cholo low rider art zines!

Spa said...

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