I'm not straight edge, never have been, never will. But I have dated plenty men of clarity. So I consider myself an edge aficionado. With that - It's edge day today! I wanna celebrate my 2nd favorite sxe person in the whole entire world, Klint. (yes, that is his leg above) Annnnnnd it just so happens that it is his birthday today. Klint pretty much is the shit. Describing him, funny, arrogant, genius, vsxe comes to mind. Recently How's Your Edge interview him here. In his own words, "My edge is sharp and arrogant, just the way it should be. It also doesn't partake in animal derived activities. I'm not a religious man, but I will admit to the occasional prayer to fucking god. The militant edge is not a joke, you know."

The militant edge is STILL not a joke. I've always held the highest amount of respect for him. Not because of his fucking militant edge, but because he always was, regardless, Klint. Thanks for that, I love you and happy birthday!

If you wanna read more about Klint and his how cute his edge is, read the interview here. Klint plays bass in Reign Supreme. I think they just wrapped up their most recent tour. But since they tour so god damn much that you could probably catch them again soon. And most importantly, Klint's advice column is up and running again.

Youth Of Today - Youth Crew
Youth Of Today - Crucial Times
Government Issue - Fashionite
Government Issue - Religious Ripoff
SOA - Blackout
SOA - Warzone
The Teen Idles - Sneakers
Minor Threat - Screaming at a Wall
Minor Threat - Seeing Red
Minor Threat - I Don't Wanna Hear It
Youth Brigade - Barbed Wire
Youth Brigade - Full Speed Ahead


Chris Stamm said...

Makes me want to start smoking again. Or throw yogurt at Earth Crisis. Anyone who is remotely progressive should not eat meat? Seriously?

Melissa said...

You're just pissed you didn't get some sledge hammers on your arm instead of that bird you got. Hey that is a good idea, want to get a friendship tattoo.. I'll get a hammer going tilted one way and you get another tilted the other way. BEE EFF EFFF bro.