IX-Volume 2 // New Podcast on Saigon Market


With the grand success of my first podcast (IX-V Vol.1), I've been invited back on Saigon Market to create another fabulous download. So here it is... ¡vIvA lA mExIco! IX-Volume 2 // In celebration of Mexican Independence day I called upon my friend Mexican David to hook a girl up with some spanish/Mexican punk. I have no idea what any of the bands are saying nor do I have much information other than what I included below. So I guess if you want to know something, ask. Mexican David will probably read this. Also -- when listening pay attention to the beginning 'cause I'm totally speaking Spanish. And I'm damn proud since I failed Spanish, twice.

Here is the yousendit.com link. I'll provide you with a permanent Saigon Market link later. Annnnnnd you may as well go to Saigon Market now to check it out all the other music and art nonsense.

1 Descontrol - 'Descontrol' / Solo Para Punks compilation (1987, Cobra Discos)
2 Atoxxxico - 'Divisiones Absurdas' / Tu Tienes La Razon LP (1990, Puro Pinche Ruido)
3 Disolucion Social - 'La Policia Te Reprime' / Nuestra Imagen Actual (tape 1992)
4 Masacre 68 - 'Ejercito Nacional / No Estamos Conformes LP (1998)
5 Sindrome - 'Suicida Punk' / Solo Para Punks (1987, Cobra Discos)
6 Los Primates - 'Lapiz Labial' / LOS PRIMATES AND TALADRO SUPREMO (CD Split 2003)
7 Xenofobia - 'Juventub Acabada' / Muerte En America EP (1987)
8 Desorden Publico - 'Escupe su Bandera' / Solo Para Punks compilation (1987, Cobra Discos)
9 Masacre 68 - 'Policias Corruptos' / No Estamos Conformes LP (1998)
10 Delano Stewart - 'Tell me baby' / Stay A Little Bit Longer (1970, High Note label - TBL 138)

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