Victim of Time Radio

I've been listening to Victim of Time's radio all day at work. It's a sure way to cockblock that IX-V dick. Cool. They also have a decent collection of band info, all aphabeticalized n shit for your IX-V organized mind.

[posted Friday Oct 12th, 2007]

In this ever-changing world where entertainment lays closely between the hearts and groins of millions of music fanatics, it is impossible to stay on top of what is going on around us. With thousands upon thousands of bands forming, recording and breaking up before they even see the light of day, often their reach for the minions of faceless audiences the world over comes up short and they disband before the brilliance of their output is recognized beyond the ears of their immediate cronies. And that's a crime.

Victimoftime.com is a website dedicated to spotlighting the aural underdog. Through a vast multi-city calender that offers live music listings for hundreds of venues nationwide, along with a directory of thousands of bands with instantly gratifying links, and editorial spotlighting new underground music almost daily, our sole purpose is to get the word out about the countless bands of unsung genius.

This week victimoftime.com will be launching an internet radio program that will fill the void left between the one-off bands, side projects, bedroom crooners, and criminally unrecognized bands all over the world. Click the "radio" link in the top left hand corner of Victimoftime.com, and let us know what you think by getting in touch with us at info@victimoftime.com


Click here to listen.

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