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People are dumb. And that sucks. It sucks even more when they have an audience. While picking up some breakfast sandwiches in glorious Easton, Pa I tuned the radio to 1400 AM WEST -- regular programs of what you would expect on a small town local AM station / big band, baby boomer soft pop and spanish folk songs . But, man o man, this DJ dude ruined my listening experience. He was all in a 9/11 tribute moment discussing his fervent encouragement to remember 9/11 -- "never forget", he said. Building this statement, he made a point to express his admiration and support for the controversial 9/11 tribute played in the lead-up to John McCain’s acceptance speech at the Republican National Convention in St. Paul, Minnesota. Then claimed how many similarities 9/11 has in common to Pearl Harbor in order to lead into a 'we must support the troops' stance: "I want our soldiers home safe but I also want our boys to continue fighting Iraq in order to bring down the terrorists that brought down the twin towers". Fucking shit...

C'mon. If you want to pay tribute to those who died on 9/11 -- remember it correctly. Directly associating our Iraq war as a retributive response to the september 11th attacks while not once mentioning Osama bin Laden?! This dude was tripping. It is disgusting that people like you have an audience. You bastard. Yes, that's right. Bastardbastardbastard who wants to commemorate 9/11 but just ends up fueling further injustices through flagrant misrepresentation of what actually happened, you dickhead.

If that's not worse enough. The entire purpose of this senseless dialog was to introduce this insultingly ignorant song, a parody of Frank Sinatra's "Strangers in the Night". Are you kidding me?! Some tribute that was... seriously, go fuck yourself you fucking asshole. Here are the lyrics:

Strangers on my flight,
turbans they're packin'.
Wonderin' if they might,
plan a hijacking.
They could pull a stunt,
before this flight is through.

Something's on their minds.
I saw them mutter.
What that in their hands?
Looks like box cutters,
I'm gonna kick some ass,
if they make a move.

Strangers on my flight.
Two smelly people,
and they're not talking right;
and in a moment,
I will grab base ball bat;
and that will be that.
Swing like Joe DiMaggio,
and rip them both a new a-hole.

And if they pick a fight,
and try to screw us,
I'll punch out their lights,
just like Joe Louis.
It would feel so right,
for strangers on my flight.

Ratta Tat Tat Tat,
Budda Bing Bang Boom,
Zooma Zooma Zoom.

Send those bastards to the moon....

"Strangers in the Night", Frank Sinatra:

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noconstructs said...

That's fucking disgusting.