Cold Heat Special #1 Video

Cold Heat Video Special #1 "Walking Jam" from blissy ann higgs on Vimeo.

Stumbled upon this video based on the comic series, Cold Heat.

Cold Heat Special #1 is a truly awesome, white nuckle adventure starring Castle. Hypnotically tranced out, maximum volume take on the action/adventure genre that stays out all night and doesn't come home until the party's over and it's time to crash. Action, adventure and awesomeness in the best rock ‘n’ adventure comic going == Cold Heat!!! Read more here.

Available from Picture Box for only one buck. Normally 3 bucks, but whatever. Also picture box is having a tremendous blow out sale that you should take advantage of... kewl. In other comic news, I picked up "Silent Storm" by Danica Novgorodoff. Her artwork is simply beautiful. She will be holding a book signing party at MY local comic store: Rocketship.

Oh -- and one more thing. Slow storm reads even better when listening to the fantastic cinematic songs by Great Skies (yet another suit of Mister 'Oh, Craig Oliver' of Spirit Photography and Christmas Island). Jussay'n.

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