LIBRARY // Royal Tahitian Dance Company

Finally got a chance to head over to the 67th street nyc public library for another sweet titty stack of compact discs. Everyone knows that libraries smell weird and have a funny collection of cd's. I break it down to 85% classical music, 9% Bonnie Raitt, 5% Eagles: Greatest Hits 1971–1975 and 1% discarded ear heaven. Today I was blessed with the Royal Tahitian Dance Company, released in 1974 by Monitor Records out of the Smithsonian Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage.

Now I work closely with the Smithsonian Institute for my IX-V and can I just say they are a bunch of stuck up putos. But their collections are the shit. So I forgive them for hiring serious caca locos. With best regard, I highly suggest you go to their global sound section. It is like 4th grade social studies all over again with pretty kewl samples of music from countries you've never heard of. I loved 4th grade. But contained below are some beautiful lovely (sample) sounds of the Royal Tahitian Dance Company ripped right off of Smithsonian's site. Let's dance and wear flip flops. God I hate flip flops.

Music Click here to download the complete album with liner notes
Miri Iti
Apai Pai
Tiare Aute
Bora Bora
Tamarii Tahiti
Parahi Marite
Hei Porohiti
E Maru Rahi
Ua Hiti Te Marama
Aue Ue
Winds of Joy / Takoto (medley)



thank you! sweet sweet sounds.

i love libraries. i will probably be a librarian in ten years time. i enjoy making giant photocopies of pages from reference books. i also enjoy the full collections of josephine baker musicals hiding among the television show DVDs. san diego's main library is okay, but let's meet IRL & go to the yr library when i'm in NY, okay?

Melissa said...

Yesssssssss - I like the way you think!

Chris Stamm said...

I work at a library.

Joey Gouda said...

I'm gonna to sample the shit out of this!!!