So this week sucked a donkey's dick. Butt, I did get hella work done for my hella SF --> SD trail of turds vacation (oh crap, it's going to be fun). I just wanted to say that this one really important person in my life helped me get through it all. This R.I.P.I.M.L. also pushed me to make something happen ev'ry single day. With that said, I dedicate this to you: for ___, a collection of four xerox image novelettes, each individually dedicated to people who have in one way or the other 'touched' me 'deeply'. To be sold on Saigon Market Collective this fall.

In addition listen up and make sweet tittay fagbreath-uss love to my IX-Volume1 mix... cool. In foreva hella.

Oh and and - thank's to meh'boy homeslice peanut butter dick friend for homey lyghe Blank Dogs for laying out hella resources for that mix.

IX-Volume One - Download track listing and cover art here

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