24 hours of failed travel

Left work at 5. Flight delayed till 1am. Wrote a m a z ing poems like what you have here in this Felt song. Flight cancelled. Ran home alone style down the corridor to the front desk at 2. Rebooked for today at 3pm. I will be there soon, renaissance faire, soon - I promise you this.

I just wish my life could be as strange as a conspiracy
I hold out but there's no way of being what I want to be
Dragons blow fire angels fly spirits wither in the air
I'm just me I can't deny I'm neither here, there nor anywhere [...]



Anonymous said...

do understand! you build a memory by blogging it.

Hey let me ask you..were you able to make it at 3pm..do keep me posted and at your leisure try joining me at a: Beach Resort

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Melissa said...

I have spam on my blog?????