Vicky Moscholiou

Viky Moscholiou

Viky Moscholiou, 1943 - 2005

As a nationalistic gesture, my boss gave me this CD after catching me listening to Emperor. Embarrassing the both of us -- I swear it improves my work performance, swear -- he's been on a bender to 'improve' my musical tastes.

Think Bebel Gilberto, Edith Piaf and feta cheese -- Vicky Moscholiou is possibly Greek's most popular female singers. I couldn't find much information about her. Married a star soccer player; had two kids; got divorced; worked with some Greek composers I've never heard of nor can I pronounce their names. However, I do know that she put her mark on an entire musical era and still lives alive in the hearts of many lovably pertinacious Greeks... my boss.

Her sound is 60s smooth but in that weird Greek gypsy way. When you listen, just think of sailing along under the velvety blue skies with the wind as your blithe guide as you cruise smoothly through the deep open trident waters. Oh, and you probably have greek gods/goddesses passionately rubbing you down with some olive oil.

Music (Rapidshare)
Traina Pou Figan
Evlepa Sta Matia
Me Ta Thlimmena Matia Mou
Vale Ki Allo Piato
Ena Asteri Pefti Pefti
Pai - Pai
Tha Vrethi Ke Gia Mas
Ta Dakria
Ine O Anthropos Pou Agapo



Anonymous said...

anything but rapidshare please.

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Melissa said...
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Melissa said...

I'll see if I can relink the songs tonight ... thanks for the suggestion.

Melissa said...

yeah ... I'll wait till tomorrow at work.

Dimitri said...

That is not Emperor. Maybe I'm raining on your parade, but that picture is actually Dork Funeral... I mean, Dark FUNeral... I mean Dark Funeral. They can suck a cocker spaniel's raw dick with barbecue sauce for two cheeseburgers on Sunday. Oh well. Sorry.

Melissa said...

Thanks shithead. Now I look retarded. I fixed the link ... I'm 100% sure that it is perfect now.