No New York

"I hate art. It makes me sick. SoHo should be blown off the fucking map, along with its arsty assholes." - James Chance

As the Weimar republic was to the Bauhaus movement, downtown New York existed in the Pre-AIDS and pre-Reaganism drug induced anti-art / art fuck heave known as No Wave. In 1978, a five day New York music festival took place climaxing with two double-bills: DNA and Contortions on Friday, and Mars and Teenage Jesus and the Jerks on Saturday. Brian Eno attended. Having only intended on spending 3 weeks in the city, he stayed for another seven months in order to document this fleeting experimental scene. "It turned out that I happened to be in New York during one of the most exciting months of the decade." Eno's naive conceptual sophistication combined with the "I'd rather drink razor blades" patricidal antics, No New York was a controversial compilation. Milking the radical peripheral with sound-board effects, No New York limited the scope as well as the lineup of the no wave music scene. AND it goes down as the single definitive album documenting the late 1970s New York No Wave scene.

Put on some headphones.

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No New York

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