Just kill yourself already

On my walk to work today, some man thrust-grunted at me. Seriously? Which reminds me .... I saw SUICIDE last night.

Due to poor planning - I had bought tickets to the Long Blondes / Apache Beat show at Studio B. Never having been to that area on bike before - I was e x t r e m e l y precarious; thinking I was going to crashfallplunge into pain and/or death by car/pothole. So riding there I pass Europa and realized - FUCK, Suicide is playing there tonight. The venues are only a couple of blocks a part. So hence-ish, I bought tickets to Suicide too and had myself a 'lil Greenpoint Music "poor planning" Fest. What the hell.

So I watched Aa first at Europa - they were ok. They changed their sound since I last heard them. More like 4 boys just really into what they're doing but not quite connecting. Loud and tribal drums /// which I love, but Liars do it wayyyyy better onstage.

Next I caught Drug Rug at Studio B. First impression, I want to be that girl. She totally makes the band so much better. Watching her rock the fuck out and sing is like ... the best high five you've ever had. Yeah.

Then I went back to Europa for Suicide. They're old. Almost painfully old. Different generation, but still caught what message they were tossing. (Did I just said that?) Alan Vega straight told stories onstage and smoked cigarettes whilst Martin Rev was awesomely Martin Rev. It was cute in a drunkan old man sense. All in all, how could I say anything bad? Europa is an intimate venue - so it totally felt like Suicide Unplugged.

I didn't even try going back to Studio B to see the Long Blondes. With a long bike ride ahead of me, I just wanted to get my thrust-grunt butt to bed.


Music to follow

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Dimitri said...

God, they look like fucking idiots.