I broke up a fight today.

I was on my rushlunch break walking down lexington / 59th and I see this punk kid shoving his girl. Whatever, right? So as I pass them - he straight grabs her by her neck and slams her against H&M. This is the upper east side, maygne. With people walking their $3539,53,985,9385 thousand dollar dogs and old ladies being pushed around in a wheel chair to Tasti D-lite. Fuck that. So without hesitation I'm all: (yes, this is exactly what I said)

"YO! - What the FUCK are you doing to her?????!"
"YO FOOL, fuuuuuuugh-k that shit."
"Man, never fucking touch a lay-day like that."

Mind you I was in his face and all up on my tippy toes with my pointed fingers and hands wailing around. Now anyone who has ever met me knows me as a sweet kind-minded mellow/calm, whatever person. I despise violence. Been around it growing up, seen what it does to people close to me - I just think it's child's play. Only one other time has a similar situation like this occurred; likewise I was ready to THROW A BITCH OFF.

All in all, this kid just laughed as if he's trying to play it cool and takes off without said girl. She walks into H&M, probably to buy herself some sparkly top to cheer herself up and forget.

I followed right behind her and bought this really super cute bra/panty set. Aw shuxxx.


klint said...

I really like seeing girls in their underwear.

mjrc said...

i think klint missed the point . . . : )

i think it's great that you stepped in and said something. too many people just walk on by and are afraid to get involved, like you said. it's what i'd want someone to do for me, if i were the woman getting hassled.

MELISSA said...

This: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eDlfAajOn58