Karen Dalton

Karen Dalton was tricked into recording her first album. Karen Dalton had the AIDS. Karen Dalton was missing her two front bottom teeth. Karen Dalton was beautiful. Karen Dalton's exact birth date isn't known and there are numerous questionable details surrounding her death. If this isn't a success story for a blues/folk singer I don't know what is. Part of the 1960s Greenwich Village folk scene, Karen was folk's answer to Billie Holiday. She played the guitar like Jimmy Reed and sung blues, folk, pop, motown with an inimitable appalachian luster. Her influence runs deep within music as both Bob Dylan and Nick Cave are quoted as stating that Karen is their favorite female blues singer. But as far as quotes go, "She sure can sing the shit out of the blues" -Fred Neil, cool.

Karen Dalton - Take Me
Karen Dalton - Katie Cruel
Karen Dalton - It Hurts Me Too


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