Ambulance Ltd.

My sister was given two tickets to the Ambulance Ltd. show last night at the Mercury Lounge. Word has it that the lead singer worked with John Cale on some songs. Cool, right? Whatever, so last night we went and it was really odd. A little too polished and over produced for a live show, they just didn't deliver very well. OVERTLY carried sounds of My Bloody Valentine, Blur, Rolling Stones, Spiritualized, Beatles .... C'mon, that's a pretty pretentious bag of groceries there. Go ahead and wear your influences on your sleeve and rock the fuck out. You'll probably bang-out some chickenheads and make the suburban youth happy. (Third Eye Blind is touring, weird) Reality is, that combining top early 90s rock and iconic brit pop into one cohesive and interesting sound isn't always a successful strategy. It gets boring after a while and you end up sounding like every other grafting indiepoprock band. Dudes in the band also looked as if they weren't having any fun. Did they just agree to break up right before the show? They admit on the biography page of their site to be plagued with "interpersonal dramas and spiritual meltdowns". Sucks to be you. Their band member list on wiki is confusing. I guess there was a complete turnover for the band - no one is an original member, not even the singer? Geeze, just change your name - you lil piggyback riders, you. Which reminds me that some short dude in Kayne West sunglasses went on stage to play the tambourine for a song or two, as if they were testing him out. And he wasn't cute.

That said, dudes in the band also looked as if they were dressed by their older sister. "Bobby, wear this leather jacket and cool graphic tee - I think it's American Apparel." To top it off, two chicken heads were dancing their hair into my plastic cup of wine. Chickenhead No. 1 kept saying, "I'm putting this song on my myspace." Chickenhead No. 2 kept on stepping on my foot. I got her back by giving her the finger in her face - it was such a good finger too. Firm extension, the thrust was hilariously cavalier and the delivery felt real nice. UGH!

*Dude all the way on the right in the above picture now has a full grown beard and jesus hair. That totally makes up for his lack luster performance.



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