Holler Dudes

Dear Holler Dudes,

Let me begin by saying that your unbridled come-ons do not go unappreciated. Your use of maniacal delivery in the limited time allotted walks a fine line of sheer brilliance and complete tenacious desperation. It always amazes me how you continue to persist in a world of languor and unrequited attitudes. With that said, I would like to commemorate you on your will and finesse of flattery.

My favorite approach by far is the walk by whisper. Or as I like to call it "The Zepher". As I am often entrenched in a brisk walk while late to ______[everywhere]______ you respectfully pass by, mindful of my momentum. Then when you are just within earshot and inches shy of my peripheral vision you whisper a comment denoting my bodacious gifts to all man kind. By the time I digest your windswept message and turn to fully realize the said acquaintance - all that is left is the sweet stench of wet cigarettes and night train once having lingered on your breath like that of grapes on a lover's fingertips.


Inspired from the heavenly bums above, I give to you, The Birthday Party. BITE!

Big Jesus Trash Can
Blast Off


ken said...

this shit is funny.

MELISSA said...

thanks ken. love you, mean it.