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Bums the word. Thursday I missed out on Nick Cave and the bad seeds for only $10. Tickets sold out and I was too cheap to pay $30 for some ticket that some dude was selling on craigslist that I would've fought an excess of other procrastinating dudes for. O well.

Then, low and behold ... the Nightingales were playing tonight (friday) along with hotpants romance and The In Out. The next best thing (sorta) to Nick Cave and it was only $6 damn dollars. Not having anyone to go with, I gussied up and went by alone right after work. I'm pretty proud that I actually went. I'd never been to Death by Audio before and it is a creepy place to walk to. Williamsburg isn't that bad, but once you get all close to the water it gets an industrial desolate "Imma rape you" vibe. To top it off, it was fucking raining....POURING. I think I redeemed myself a lil for all of those times I said I would go somewhere, but didn't. All those times I said, yeah - I'll meet you to watch ____ but never showed up.

And I showed up at Death by Audio wayyyyyyyy earlier to much confusion. In doing so, I met Todd P. I was like, "You're Todd P, right?" And he was like, "Yeah, what's your name?" And I was all like, "Melissa - cool." FYI Todd P is a decent guy who books a lot of shows here. Well to do in a kind of serious but jaded and way cool way. Cause he's Todd P.

So the Nightingales. They played a good show. More garage rock and grinderman similarities. Some guycunt got kicked out for calling Robert Lloyd a fag/fake. Which, could have been an honest mistake because Lloyd was being a reasonably silly drunk. Hotpants romance were ok. Girls were cute in their hotpants. The brunette is really pretty. I just wish they took it to a little more seriously fun direction. But they were totally cute. And some guy bought me drinks.

All in all, I'm going to more shows by myself. I want to see some teen angst shit.

Music, Thank you Ethos!

The Clash - Straight to Hell

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