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Marine Girls

funny ... Typing in Marine Girls in youtube - I came across this piece of shining gold. No eff that, it's fucking platinum. RESPECT.

WIKI:Marine Girls were a music group from Hatfield, Hertfordshire. The group was formed in 1980 by two sixth form school friends: Tracey Thorn and Gina Hartman. Originally, Thorn played guitar and Gina was vocalist and percussionist. They were later joined by Jane Fox on bass and her younger sister Alice on joint vocals and percussion...

Always a fan of lo-fi diy fuzz twee as fuck punk pop singing about love and stuff, I first heard them while scouring for the Monocrome set. I was hooked immediately, probably due to my suckerness of makeout music. Seriously, who wouldn't want to make out to this? My lips (on my mouth) are swelling up this very moment. I mean, even Kurt Cobain listed them under his top 50 albums in his diary. If they're good enough for him, they are damn good enough for me. Compare them to: the Raincoats and the young marble giants but with more dreamy school girlness and way fun beach sounds.

A brief bio as told by Tracey Thorn herself

"This is all a long time ago now, so I find it hard to remember exactly when things happened, even what order they happened in. But I reckon the Marine Girls first came into existence in 1980. I'd been playing electric guitar for a while in a band called Stern Bops. I was the only girl and my boyfriend was the bass player, and though they always tried to persuade me to sing I was too shy. The only way they even knew I could sing was that I once agreed to take a microphone with me into the wardrobe (we rehearsed in a bedroom) and sing David Bowie's Rebel Rebel.They said it was great and I sounded like Siouxsie Sioux (I was trying to), but I refused to sing in front of anyone so that was that. I was also writing songs, some of which we played in the band.

"I think I got bored with it not being my band, plus I broke up with the boyfriend, so I started talking to my schoolfriend Gina about us forming our own band. She came round to my house and with me playing guitar and her singing we worked out some songs. The first thing we recorded was for a friend's compilation tape of local bands and it was a song called Getting Away From It All. It had a very basic drum machine part, Gina singing and me playing rhythm and lead guitar. We decided to call ourselves the Marine Girls."

Oh the joy of being simple, young and yourself.

Here is a song to get hooked on, now put some lip gloss on and make out:
Marine Girls - Honey

***Speaking of making out. Tracy Thorn and her husband are of the originating boy/girl electro duo's. Since 82 I believe and they are continuing to put out records under the name Everything but the girl. How grounded ... weird. Kind of makes me not want to make out anymore.

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