Y.A.C.H.T. // M.I.A. // Jesus Saves Gangstas Too!


Check out what YACHT posted. A brief blurb on his stance of downloading (charming) and a list of instrumentals that he uses ... interesting enough to check out. Maybe use them in that xmas melody that you've been putting off until this weekend. FREEDOM OF SOUND


M.I.A is radical, literally. I bought her album and it is so amazing. Forget the genre, this is appealing for all. Except for my mom. Gun shots for snare drum?!?!? Bringing it back ...


I've always wanted to start something and participate in creating a music compilation zine. Jesus Saves Gangstas Too! is my shit where a monthly subscription will provide you with a music compilation made by a featured artist / published zine with art/news/music featuring said artist... I dunno, I'm at work and this just came to me.


I'm looking for a partime job on the weekends. I need some dough. So I figure I'd pop my face into local venues for any job available. Seriously, I'd pick up cigarette butts.

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