... this year was an inspirational year for music. No Age, Mika Miko, Panda Bear, MIA, Dan Deacon, Liars, Battles ... (I bought so much from insound.com, the dude in customer service knew who I was when I went to intern there)My headphones have made so many totally really very good decent music buds. Maybe it's New York, but I've got that PMA!* So many of us youngs taking the music industry by the throat. Not to mention, us music heads (I hate that term, but it works...) supporting and listening and watching and smiling and just doing the deed. Riding the train this morning made me realize that this lonely crowd of young professionals is the majority.

* Tomorrow, I probably won't write a post. I will probably be too busy hating and crying alone in my aprt, on my love seat.

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