I added some more blog links recently. Among them: Dan Nadel's. Today I stumbled upon it through research for a work brochure. Seriously, the dude is a major inspiration and career track to follow suit. Read it and weep: CATCH A GOOD ONE!

Dan Nadel has always had a yen for design and comics, both historic and contemporary. Through his independent publishing company PictureBox he has married these two passions. In an age when indie publishing is all the rage and comics have earned high cultural status, Nadel is firmly in the vanguard, presenting fresh work by practitioners young and old, from the long established (Gary Panter) to the newly emerging (C.F., Paper Rad). How does he manage to succeed in an increasingly competitive market? And what standards drive his mission ... Read more of this interview by AIGA, here

He runs Picturebox Inc.

Ha, he is NOT this Dan Nadel


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