The best music happens in an unconscious short period of time before it can even start burning out. Out of all my favorite genres of music Hardcore is by far my favorite. I'm not sure that I listen to it to get pumped up, more so to calm down like coffee to ADD. Even before I knew what it was, I loved it. Growing up I never associated with it or really went through a teen angst period. I did things because I did them. End of story. I don't think I had any real interests. I went to school, played sports and made my parents happy. Little did I know that for those years of mindless activity I would have no memory because of never committing myself to anything ever. (Boiling point by ss decontrol) I started listening to 7 seconds with Ken, then bad brains, then minor threat, then black flag, blah blah blah... Nig heist, seriously. Amazing! A roadie turned queer punk took the name from his black friend who would every time would snatch a cigarette would yell 'nig heist'. A bunch of educated loser roadies who today sit around in their lawnchairs/lazyboys and flip flops drinking wine. Disdained humanists. PUNK IS DEAD!

But the most amazing part of it is the extreme hilarity of it all. It's all fucking absurd. The violence, the drugs, the straight edge, the class tensions, the political references, the fun, the minority of it, east vs west, orange county, boston, dc, new york, detroit, even tex ass and diy ... social paradox, it all cracks me up. True checks and balances system. Funny to just see regular ass dudes who think they are fucking tougher than tough jumping and shaking trying to be seen but not be scene. Ooo-oooh

Watch American Hardcore and hate it. P.S. I typically find Henry Rollins annoying and just lame but he's kind of charming/funny in it. Awwwwwww

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