No Age in the New Yorker

Woah - No Age was featured in the New Yorker:
“Dead Plane,” a gorgeous and sprawling song, was originally released by Teenage Teardrops, a label run by a man named Cali deWitt; he used to work at Jabberjaw, a defunct local club that in the early nineties frequently hosted Hole and Beck. The song begins with a gentle hum of processed guitar and swelling drums. After several minutes of formless noise, the song coheres, barrelling forward in the style of a classic punk-rock number. Spunt sings about a “sad, sick man” who seems to be harassing a woman “who needs the room.” He concludes the track, firmly but not angrily, by singing, “I don’t wanna fight you.” The music dwindles to a jet trail of noise, which Randall carefully raises in pitch with a foot pedal as the sound fades away...
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