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Christmas, wooh! I'm in charge of making christmas cards for the company I work for. I guess looking at all mistletoe and doves references got me in the mood. And it's not even thanksgiving yet. But, oooooooooooooh weeeee! I can't mother fucking wait. It's tradition in the my hometown for my high school to have a rival football game in the morning. For which the entire town before hand walks around drunk for community kegs and eggs. I haven't been home for this in 6 years. Oh god, cranberry sauce and turkey.

Any way, High Places is releasing a track on Mistletone for their holiday compilation CD. The profits from the CD sales will benefit an Australian animal shelter.

Here's the track listing:

Evangelicals, The Last Christmas On Earth 4:10
Barrage, Xmas in July 3:12
John Maus, This IS The Beat 2:29
High Places, New Grace 2:12
Ned Collette Band, Christmas Song 4:14
The Sticks, Santa’s Fucked 2:10
Kes Band, Gentle Elf 5:12
Pikelet, Let the Tree Be 2:40
Francis Plagne, Krampus with Scale by the Moon 2:32
Grand Salvo featuring Oliver Mann, I Sometimes Wish 2:16
Ross McLennan, He Seems To Think We’re His Family 3:36
Hands On Heads, Witches & Lightning 2:44
Jack Ladder, All You Get’s a Song 3:52

And here is an mp3 of their contribution New Grace.

High Place's myspace

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