Originally recorded by Petula Clark (co written by Georges Aber and Tony Hatch) and released in '65... The above video is actually an Aussie oldie by Lynne Randall released in '66. Quite similar to the original but different, you'll see. Patula is French. Lynne is not. 

66' also saw the release of two other versions: The Remains were playing catchup with their take; The Liverpool Five's version fucking jams ('66).  


Heart, I can hear my heart
Every time we meet, every time we part

When I'm in your arms, I can hear my heart
We kiss and the rhythms start

I can feel the beat, beat, beat
Every time you're here
Oh, don't speak to me
'Cause I just couldn't hear

I can hear the boom like the rhythm of a train
Like a thousand drums, there it goes again


Oh, what can I do now?
My heart is beating just for you

Yeah, my poor heart, can't you see
What have you started, oh, what you're doing to me

Heart, I just can't take it
I'm going crazy, I'm going out of my head, yeah

Heart, you've got to stop now
I'm feeling hazy because it started so bad

I'm so in love with you
Nothing I can do
And I'm gonna lose my heart to you

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