I went through two whole columns today. Two down, 25 more to go.

Artist: Tall Dwarfs
Album: Hello Cruel World
Label: Flying Nun; 1987

Artist: Jad Fair and Daniel Johnston
Album: Daniel Johnston and Jad Fair
Label: 50,00... Watts Records; 1989

Artist: Friends of Ghosts
Album: Realm of the Senses
Label: C'est la Mort Records; 1987

Artist: Deacon Blue
Album: Suffering/Church
Label: Unreleased, 1988

Artist: Jackie DeShannon
Album: Your Baby is a Lady
Label: Atlantic, 1974

Artist:Pere Ubu
Album:We Have the Techonology
Label: Restless Records; 1988

Artist: Jet Black Berries
Album: Desperate Fires
Label: Pink Dust Records; 1986

Artist: My Life With the Thrill Kill Kult
Album: Kooler Than Jesus
Label: Spurburn; 1989

Artist: Depeche Mode
Album: Personal Jesus
Label: Sire; 1989

Artist: The Chesterfield Kings
Album: Stop!
Label:Mirror Records; 1985

Artist: My Dad is Dead
Album: The Taller You Are, The Shorter You Get
Label: Homestead Records, 1989

Nothing is that spectacular. This album is like the self deprecating guide to slacker rock... "I don't have anything because I don't try that hard at anything".

Artist: The Fall
Album: 458489 A Sides
Label: Beggars Banquet; 1990

Artist: Dinosaur Jr.
Album:Little Fury Things
Label:SST; 1987

Artist: Downy Mildew
Album: Mincing Steps
Label: Texas Hotel; 1988

Artist: Eek A Mouse
Album: U-Need
Label: Island Records; 1991

Artist: Various Artists
Album: Charlie Manson Street
Label: M.D. Records; 1989

Artist: The Feelies
Album: Paint It Black 12" Single
Label: Stationary Music; 1980

Artist: Dada
Album: Right Men Tell Lies
Label: A Major Recording Label; 1988

Music inspired by American politics in 1988 is boring. Inserts that have pictures of missiles and a globe in a trash can are boring. College is so boring.


DJ Rick said...

That Downy Mildew album was one I bought on cassette for 99 cents. I remember that the song "Floorboard" (I think it was called) was rather bewitching....and plenty good fodder for a goth band looking for an obscure cover song.

I don't think I've thought about that record until today. Funny how it all comes back with one mention, though.

Melissa said...

Rick I think you just have an amazing memory. Mine doesn't retrieve quite as well as yours.

DJ Rick said...

So, the other thing that came flooding back about Downy Mildew is that I saw a picture of them, and their singer Jenny Homer looked absolutely like my kinda lady. To hear her pining vocals and poetic lyrics couched in this sorta hippy-dippy band, I had some kinda idea in my head about what kinda lover she'd be, and how it'd probably be pretty great and wild in a more fancy-free, deeply emotional way.

What I didn't know 'til I did a little research after you mentioned them a couple weeks back is that Jenny Homer also sang for the industrial-rock band Braindead Soundmachine. If I knew that then, I don't know the fantasy woulda been different, but it would. Maybe I'd just be confused and driven back to Julia Cafritz.

Melissa said...

You're a freak in a fancy-free, deeply emotional way.

Melissa said...

you read this? http://blogs.villagevoice.com/music/archives/2008/09/interview_julia_1.php

DJ Rick said...

I saw Pussy Galore play in an apartment in Davis, CA, the year that I bought that Downy Mildew tape, and the reasons I'd run away from my Julia fantasies were....well, because I was scared of her!

Anonymous said...
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