I got my own radio show, hookers!

After calling around to several college/public radio stations, I was invited to host my own show for WJRH Lafayette College located in the beautiful historic city of Easton, PA.

Basically school's out - and there are 3 other DJ's. So, no big really. I'm going to fuck around and talk to my friends while playing the entire pink floyd discography.



klint said...

youre back in easton?

Melissa said...

yeah... 3 weeks today.

Family Time said...

i wonder if you are serious about the pink floyd

Melissa said...

I'm going by the seat of my pants. I doubt I'll have the patience for that. But...the number to call in is: 610-330-5316. Unfortunately it only broadcasts on campus. Annnd they don't broadcast over the internet. But I'll be putting up a podcast to download. Hopefully my friend Shaun calls so we can just do our own coast to coast loaded with alien encounters and supernatural shit.

I'm on air fridays from 5-7 EST and whenever else I want to be.